Obama Just arrived in Washington And The Entire World Noticed The Disgusting Thing He Brought With Him

The Obama family is doing it again. They keep touring around the world, trailing President Trump and meeting liberal world leaders in order to attack American Policy. While at the same time enjoying private planes and luxury hotels at the cost of American Taxpayers.


This man needs to understand he is no longer the president, most importantly, he is also not a politician. Obama seems to be unable to cope with the fact he is no longer calling the shots.

After touring through Indonesia, Europe, and South Korea trying to promote his liberal agenda, he has decided to come back to DC to attack Trump back home.

Obama will be hosting a fundraising event this week just a few miles away from the White house. The event’s goal will be to obtain funds for the midterms.
He expressed that his goal is “to secure enough seats to block Trump’s anti-American initiatives.

The main problem with his “fund raising” persona. Is that he is trying to obtain funds from the private sector that are part of the “globalist” movement. Obama has been spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer money, on presidential travel benefits, in order to reach out to these investors and convince them that Trump will destroy the world, and they need to “save it” by funding the Democrats.

Obama has returned from Europe carrying one disgusting deal. He has blatantly promised the globalist movement. That with enough funding, he will block Trump’s and enforce their socialist “ideals”.

These are the same people who want to see American open their borders to refugees, pardon illegal immigrants and have us all work to sustain an increasing amount of welfare expenses. All while claiming terrorism is not “real”.
And that all Terrorist attacks are our fault for being scared of Islam. (Apparently for Liberals, one does not have the right to not agree with Islam. You either love it or are scared of it.)


No other American President has ever tried to interfere so much in politics as he has. He is also one of the biggest expenses in terms of former presidents. Mainly because he changed the law to allow him to bill for staff, travels and office spaces which he now uses to promote the Democratic Agenda.


A lot of American Presidents have traveled the world as spokesmen. The biggest difference is that they do so for charitable causes and not to slander the current President. Also, most of the former presidents do pay most of their own expenses.

Thankfully Trump has said multiple times that he plans to address the issue with Obama Presidential benefits and meddling with International affairs. It is  time for Obama to understand he is no longer the President of the United States

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